Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Woodie Fryman - we lost

I was thumbing through some old-school/vintage cards and this 1973 Topps card caught my eye - I'm sure other card bloggers have riffed about the writing made on cards, maybe to scratch out a team name or to add some extraneous scribble [that may only have been understood by the kids who once had the cards].

I can imagine some bored knucklehead having this card in hand and drawing tears running down Fryman's face with a bubble saying, we lost - it's quaint and crude, but at the same time, it gives the otherwise forgotten card some character.

It might be cute to hunt down these 'defaced' beaters and trying to decipher the meaning behind those scribbles - whether it's something written on cards or something added to the image.

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Unknown said...

Not positive, but the comment might be because Fryman took the loss in the 5th game of the '72 playoffs to knock the Tigers out that season.