Sunday, January 11, 2015

Six finds from the quarter box

I'm going through miscellaneous, older cards at the LCS and at times I feel I'm scraping at the bottom of the barrel, particularly when it's a dead period for newer cards - I like to spend time finding so-called keepers as adds to my mini-collections, though I feel like I'm paying a premium for cards I see are otherwise discarded, traded and/or usually gifted to others.

1974 Topps Traded Kurt Bevacqua #454 T - I think I have his 1976 Topps bubble gum champion card autographed.

2003 Fleer Ultra Dmitri Young #161

2003 Fleer Ultra Aramis Ramirez #182
2003 Topps Milton Bradley #415 - Jim Thome cameo

2004 Upper Deck Jose Valverde #281 - chilling out at Wrigley Field, inking it up for fans perhaps

2004 Topps Total Danny Graves #94  - inking it up

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Big Tone said...

Topps Total Is a brand I'm looking to get back into.They were a nice and simple design that worked.