Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bobby Abreu

Supposedly the former Angel is looking to make a comeback after playing in the Venezuelan winter league recently - the fact that he's just about 40 years old makes it doubtful that he makes any sort of impact.

If an opportunity was given and he took full advantage to play in the Major Leagues in 2014, maybe he'd still be able to get on-base with his superior batting eye - but maybe the ability to hit the ball with authority on a consistent basis will not be there for a team that needs some pop off the bench or as a fourth outfielder/DH.

I used to like Abreu in the early to mid 2000's not because I saw him play or anything on a regular basis [until he landed in Anaheim perhaps] - but because he put up metronomic numbers, his cards were easy finds out many quarter or dime boxes and may have been worth hoarding as perhaps he'd be a potential Hall of Famer one day.

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