Friday, July 01, 2005

Surprisingly, towards the end of June, I had SASEs (self addressed stamped envelopes) trickle in from baseball autograph requests I had made in previous months including Jack McDowell (6/30/05), Adam LaRoche, Hank Blalock (spring training) and Jeff Cirillo (spring training).

It wasn't like I haven't gotten those players' autographs before, but my mailbox was empty as far as getting back requests before the last week or so of June. I don't even know if I keep track of my requests anymore, since I've otherwise just settled to do what I can in-person.

Other successes mailed within the past month, included Curtis Granderson, Al Kaline and George Kell.

I got a 'return to sender' from Cecil Fielder, whose autograph I once got on a trading card back in the day (1996). I discarded the card when an 'experiment' to remove some ink from the card stock failed. I haven't gotten a Fielder autograph since and hopefully, the address affixed on the 'RTS' label is a useful one.

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