Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mail Day
A 1989 Donruss Baseball's Best Ken Griffey Jr. [$9.95 BIN plus $3.95 s/h on Ebay] made its way onto my mailbox on Monday. This was a card that a childhood friend once had, but never had in my grasp. The rookie year card from a 'boxed set' represents a 'modern-era flashback' card for me.

Still, I'm disappointed - check out the centering on the back of the card. It doesn't seem that visually attractive, especially considering the fact that the card is given a 'BGS 9' grade.

Also arriving in the box on Monday was a 2005 Bowman Heritage Cesar Carrillo box topper variation [$1 plus $1 s/h off Ebay]. I was going to get the card signed at a card show last Saturday, but it didn't arrive in time. I ended up not going to the show, where 2005 top amateur draft prospects Carrillo, Ricky Romero and Ryan Braun were scheduled to sign for free.

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