Friday, June 26, 2009

2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee baseball rips

I finally got my hands on some O-Pee-Chee packs [$1.59] - off a gravity feed at the Tarjay 10 minutes from my house.

There is some grumbling that since 2009 O-Pee-Chee is a 'set-collector' product - there are not enough base cards per pack and six 'measly' cards is just not going to cut it for the price point.

However a 600 card product with a packs going for $2 or less - isn't bad if you are a casual baseball card collector looking for something other than base brand Topps or Upper Deck to bust.

One gripe is there are too many studio shots and mug shots - need more action shots or cheesy posed on-the-field shots with the stadium's features visible in the background.

The wrinkles Upper Deck have thrown into this product [black bordered parallels, non-shortprint SPs, inserts] make opening packs a little fun for the younger collectors -I'm totally obvious, are there anymore of those or are they all into gaming cards?

The old-school card stock was a junky, but retro feel to it - which I suppose is the point.

Let me grab maybe 10-15 more packs [maybe a blaster] to see if this is a product I like - I'm thinking this is the type of product that can be $25 at the end of the year, maybe less because each box isn't guaranteed any token hits.

Pack #1
#264 Mike Adams

#65 Alexei Ramirez

#HM 3 Melvin Mora - 2008 Highlights and Milestones insert

#390 C.C. Sabathia - black parallel
#529 Los Angeles Angels team card - sorta mojo
#433 Adam Lind

Pack #2
#274 Scott Feldman

#75 Chase Utley

#MM2 Hank Blalock - Midsummer Memories insert

#68 Phil Hughes - black parallel

#548 Adrian Gonzalez - Moments subset
#286 Carlos Ruiz

Pack #3
#344 Mike Napoli
#9 John Grabow

#536 NL RBI Leaders featuring Ryan Howard, David Wright and Adrian Gonzalez - black parallel
#540 NL Wins Leaders featuring Brandon Webb, Tim Lincecum and Ryan Dempster
#447 Kelly Shoppach
#248 Willy Taveras

Pack #4
#100 Albert Pujols
#297 Luis Castillo
#202 Brett Gardner

#FF4 Roy Halladay - Face of the Franchise insert
#339 Garret Anderson - black parallel
#565 Josh Geer


Anonymous said...

I like the studio shots; they help give the set a different feel than others out on the market.

The $1.59 price point is no bargain, though. You are paying 26.5 cents per card. For an 8-card retail Topps pack, you pay 24.9 cents per card. Those 5-card Topps Attax cards come in at 20 cents per card.

Also, the set builders are only getting 4 or 5 base cards per pack. Assuming very good collation and forgetting about short prints, you will have to buy at least four hobby boxes to complete the set. The prospect doesn't seem all that cheap anymore.

Dave said...

How old is Albert Pujols? I mean, how old is he really?

Anonymous said...

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