Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baseball card apathy

Maybe I've finally outgrown my tendency to collect, just for the sake of collecting baseball cards - and find myself without an excuse to get excited about particular baseball cards, no one is going to care about.

I'm walking around aimlessly at a card show and I'm sifting through various baseball cards at the few booths who have them - no trading card trinkets for me to leaf through and pick up, unless I can get them autographed in-person or through the mail.

At a random booth, on a unbearable hot afternoon, maybe I'd like to spend $1-$5 on some cheap cards [maybe a jersey card, a 'no-name' certified autograph card or 'off-condition' rookie card [not quite 'mint'] of Lance Berkman, Jayson Werth, Aramis Ramirez, Brad Hawpe, et al] - but all these baseball cards just bore me, no matter how great of a year a particular guy who is pictured on the front is having, how great of a career he has enjoyed or how a particular card is now worth a couple of bucks [when it was worth $15 or more at one time].

I like collecting topics cards I can find out of the commons bin - but sometimes I feel like the types of cards out there are all obsolete and I want more.

What 'more' is, I'm not quite sure
- but I may just want nothing to do with 95 percent of baseball cards.

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dinged corners said...

Maybe this is a September lull. Don't give up the ship.