Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome back Kendrys Morales

I don't think the comeback of Kendrys Morales has been entirely fascinating for me - I think it's just another guy who caught the unluckiest of breaks and has been stuck in limbo for the last two years.

Now he's actually played in a game [a spring training one] for the first time in a while, it maybe time to welcome him back from his long journey - I keep thinking whether or not he can still do some good things as a player for the Angels and if his time in Anaheim has sort of run out.

I still like Morales' power potential from both sides of the plate but I just haven't been counting on him to contribute - he looked relatively healthy in his 2012 debut, though he will probably always be considered 'day-to-day' and maybe any expectations for him to be an every day player should be scaled down.

While he is only 28, is he ever going to be able build upon his once promising Major League career and also stick with the Angels - hopefully he is still at a point of his career where there is some upside.

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