Friday, May 25, 2012

Google account disabled due to suspicious activity ...

I tried logging onto Blogger on Monday but couldn't because my Google account was apparently disabled - I balked at giving Google my phone number to send a verification code; but felt like I was being scammed when they wanted credit card information in an e-mail sent to me after I'd already answered some questions like when I first started using Google and some of their services [Docs, Blogger, Picasa, et al].

I started to panic when I realized there might not be a 'quick fix,' I might not ever get my Google account back and my blogging on Card Buzz maybe lost forever - I caved in to send my phone number and within a few minutes, an automated call was made to my phone with a verification code...there was my quick fix...

After entering the verification code with my user name / password, it looks like my account intact - though I don't know what caused the 'suspicious activity,' so I went ahead and changed my password.


Play at the Plate said...

The same thing happened to me, but I didn't give them my number. I just closed the window and started over and didn't get the message again. I think it's Google phishing for more information to sell.

Cory said...

I've had it happen twice to me.

I had one of those adsense accounts but it was disabled.
Have no idea why or what caused it but I do remember seeing a balance of $0.02 in there.

I must have click on my own crap or something. Besides, it made my blog look spammy.

I could use that two cents now.