Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Featured autograph - Kevin Millwood

I was hoping the veteran starting pitcher would be back for his 17th season in the Major Leagues, but it looks like he has decided to retire for now - I was aware of Millwood's status as a rising star in the early 2000's and hoped to get his autograph before he blew up and became a full fledged star.

However, despite some early MLB success, Millwood was never able to emerge as a dominant starting pitcher - he was more of a No. 3 starter at his best and a No. 4 starter as he bounced around several teams during the latter part of his career.

As an autograph signer, Millwood was dependable about signing a couple of cards at a time when approached in-person - even though the novelty of him being more than a serviceable journeyman had faded over the years.

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