Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quarter box finds - an odd four

I actually found a base card of Aaron Hernandez I was going to pick up to put in my 'infamous' collection of cards featuring athletes who have gotten in the news for various transgressions - but then put it back in the 5,000 card box I found it in, afraid of the bad juju it might bring, especially since the guy has been charged with at least one murder.

2011 Panini hockey Dustin Brown #109 - I had to pick this random hockey card up when I saw that 'big hair.'
2013 Topps Archives football J.J. Watt #32
2013 Topps Series II baseball Lance Lynn #507 - I think this is blue Emerald parallel available through in-store promo packs [?]
2013 Panini basketball Brandon Jennings card #23

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BaseSetCalling said...

nice. one of the kids from Hockey Falls finally made it to the NHL.

I would be interested in that Lance Lynn Blue Sparkle. The only Angels goody I can think of right now is a Josh Hamilton "The Elite", a hobby-only Series 2 insert. I know, I know ... maybe it should go to someone building that little insert set. I'll keep an eye out for other Angells finds.