Thursday, July 18, 2013

Featured autograph - Billy Buckner

There are journeyman baseball players who manage to stick around the minors for a while, maybe even getting a opportunity to be up in the Major Leagues for a short time - I guess players of Buckner's ilk are still striving not only to reach the Major Leagues [for the first time or not], but actually stick on a permanent basis.

I've probably had Buckner's 2004 Bowman Draft card since it first came out and after holding onto onto it all these years, was able to get it signed this season - Buckner has been given a little opportunity to pitch in the Major Leagues after the Angels signed him as AAA depth.

It doesn't mean he is going to stick around but hopefully he can do something on the mound for the Halos - maybe like a Jerome Williams [despite his recent struggles as a starting pitcher] who has earned some MLB time with the team in parts of the last three seasons.

Since the card featured was for my 2004 BDP set, I had a longtime acquaintance help me get another card signed by Buckner for my all-time Angels collection - even though it's been about 10 years, I'm still trying to complete the 2004 BDP set autographed and probably have a good number cards signed featuring the guys who at least reached the Major Leagues.

I still need a bunch of cards signed featuring players from the set - who ended up like the guys I wrote about in this previous post.

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