Monday, April 13, 2015

Featured autographs - Greg Holland and Salvador Perez

I pulled a 2014 Topps Chrome Greg Holland from this break and I mused how it might be a project to get the card signed by both players pictured - while I'm bummed the Angels were swept over the weekend by the visiting Kansas City Royals, I did get Holland's autograph for the first time and also added a scribble of the other player.


The Angels In Order said...

Nice work. Do you pre-treat the chromes for autographing?

Laurens said...

I rubbed the card against a piece of clothing but usually either a white eraser or baby powder is used to pre-treat shiny cards with gloss,

From This Seat.Com said...

Tried to get Perez's signature before an Indians game at Progressive Field last season. He didn't seem too keen on signing autographs but catchers rarely are unless it's an off day. Cool card.