Monday, May 11, 2015

Salvaging a few Topps cards

1972 Topps Juan Marichal #568

At my LCS there are a few 'newer' shoe storage boxes on display featuring old school / vintage 'beaters' for a buck each - I go through them because the cards were probably part of someone's collection and maybe I can pick up some cards representing cardboard relics of the past.

1962 Topps Tony Kubek #311
1967 Topps Jim Palmer #152
1973 Topps Steve Carlton #300

The cards are kind of a cheap thrill to have in my hand since they were printed more than 40 years ago - even if the cards are merely worth what I paid for them.

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Tony L. said...

I love going through boxes like that. I've spent more and more time at shows lately going through vintage 1960s cards -- most of which are definitely "well loved."

These are great.