Friday, April 08, 2016

Featured autograph - Trevor Story

With at least 3 home runs in his first three MLB games - it will be hard to move the Colorado Rockies shortstop if and when Jose Reyes is ready to play.

If Story continues to play well further into the season, how are the Rockies going to dump Reyes with $47 million left in his contract - there is no way the fans are going to be happy seeing Reyes ever take the field at shortstop for the Rockies.

When Story was playing for the Modesto Nuts against Lake Elsinore in 2014, I remember telling a fan at a minor league game that Story was the opposing team's best player - however, I think Story's path to the big leagues got a little blurry because it looked like Troy Tulowitzki was going to be a lifelong Rockies player.

Though random as anything else to come mind when referring to particular players - I think about the scene in the movie Shallow Hal, where Hal's best friend Mauricio explains that he literally has a tail.

- What is it?

- l have a tail.

- A tail.

- What do you mean, like a story?

No, a tail. lt's like a waggy tail.

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