Thursday, May 31, 2018

2018 Topps Living Set Gleyber Torres #34

For me, it's been the year of the Topps Living / Topps Now cards - as far as random card purchases go, it fills the gap as far having a card or two to pick up that is timely and specific to a player or team.

I remember the old-school / junk wax era years of picking up cards of guys labeled as future stars, thinking you were going to have a gold mine in hand - in 2018, the definitive 'must have' cards of any young rookie are simply out of reach unless willing to spend hundreds and/or thousands of dollars on prospect cards.

On the other hand, it's fun to pick up a pair of rookie-year cards [$5 and change each] featuring the newest New York Yankees rookie sensation - since he could be a all-star talent in pinstripes for the next 10-15 seasons.

I tend to think that even if there might be 50,000 cards printed of this card - it will be absorbed by collectors and others for future considerations.

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