Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Better than a blaster - more vintage and old school mix

While I've gotten addicted to claiming odds and ends through sellers' sales on Elon's social media - I figured to go back to my in-person card show roots where I have not gotten to a show date in a couple of months.

I figured I'd hit up a seller I've ignored the last couple of times where I knew he has set up - just to show my face, where I haven't completely ghosted this person, who I've considered a go-to table.

I started digging through seller '3 for $5' stacks, figuring to see if he had anything that would catch my eye - maybe his table set up was a little bare and was worried the deep cuts card were not really to be found.

His seller buddy that presumably share a table came a little bit later and overhearing their chatter, said he hadn’t sold much recently - because he hasn’t gone and bought new inventory [presumably collections] to re-sell.

Maybe I spent too much time trying to figure out which cards I'd pick out without blowing my entire wad - I ended being charged $20 for odds and ends, including six old school / vintage cards from the '3 for 5' pile and a 1969 Topps Fergie Jenkins #640 [$5] and a 1972 Topps Tom Seaver #445 [$10] from the individually priced pile of cards.

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Jon said...

I say it every time I see a copy on the blogs, but that '73 Bench is one of my favorite cards of all time. Seems like you got it for a really good price too.