Friday, November 03, 2023

Topps Pro Debut Minor League Legends

I have not paid attention to Topps Pro Debut for a good minute, but these retro themed inserts have caught my eye over the past few years - I found a few of last year's inserts in the quarter bins of a card shop and may have ordered one or two others from COMC.
I decided to pick up the entire 2023 set, rather than hoping random stragglers spill out somewhere - the checklist teases some usual names like Albert Pujols, Cal Ripken Jr. and Alex Rodriguez, but Tony La Russa as card #1 takes the cake.
I like the inclusion of vintage Hall of Fame legends, where unlike the countless retro MLB cards of the same subjects - it's fun seeing the different uniforms and hats on these cards, presumably showing all-time players in their formative years in pro baseball.

There are non-HOF fan favorite types that add some deeper cut names to a 19-card checklist - I'm not sure if I can appreciate them as much the fans of teams they played for through the 1970s and 1980s, but guys like Bill Madlock and John Mayberry get a second look as minor leaguers in this set.


Brett Alan said...

I haven't seen these before, but they look good. Such a great variety of choices--a new John Mayberry card, for goodness sake! I love it!

Nick said...

Thanks for letting me know these existed - just went out and bought darn near the complete set. (That Tony LaRussa card alone is worth the price of admission!)

Jon said...

Apparently you were the only one who knew about these! I don't see anyone that I collect here, but do really like the look of the cards.