Sunday, December 24, 2023

A random card buy - Kyren Williams

I saw this 2022 Score Rookies #332 card earlier in the year and squirreled an image of it away - that protective head gear made me do a double take.

It may not be such a big deal, but for a moment I thought it was the goofiest card - I wanted a copy for an oddities collection I have or maybe even for a collection of all-time Top 100 cheap 'zz' keepers project that never quite got off the ground.

I think I saw an expired auction listing from a seller on social media who runs these low end card auctions - I asked about the card since no one bid on it, but I don't think the seller understood or cared I wanted the card outright.

I started claiming 'quarters' off another social media seller just because he teased this card in a sales post - I probably would not have bought the 200 odds and ends if not for the copy of the card.

Go figure it wasn't actually tallied up in the final order and while I wasn't charged - I had to make it a micro mini mission to secure a copy, where it was still on my mind.

I went looking for the card on eBay and while it's probably a dollar card shipped on eBay all day long - I bought it off a listing for about twice as much but the card is now secured in-hand.

FWIW I did not know who the player on the card was and for all I cared, he might have been a practice squad guy - however, it looks like the second year NFL pro has had a breakout season as a running back, rushing for over 1,000 yards.


buckstorecards said...

There are quite a few Guardian Cap appearances among the rookie portion of 2022 Score. The Baltimore Ravens' rookie portion has some, and might be one of the oddest on the whole used in ages.

Vintage Football Card Gallery said...

That thing is hilarious. I wonder why he's wearing it, though, when he's not wearing any other pads?

The Angels In Order said...

Goofy card indeed. I can't imagine he's proud of that one.

Jon said...

That helmet is ridiculous. For the sports sake, I sure hope those aren't what players will be wearing in future games.