Sunday, December 19, 2004

Looking for an outlet to type out mere utterances about hobbies I choose to have. I came back to this, since it was convenient and I needed kind of an immediate rapid fire 'internal monologue,' back and forth. This blog should serve as a short-term collection of thoughts about the sport I follow: baseball and the crap I decide to collect featuring for the most part, its past, present and future players(as in prospects).

Since I last wrote something here, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, Vladimir Guerrero of my home county team won the American League MVP, while his former teammate, Troy Glaus makes the Arizona Diamondbacks his new team. Pedro is trashing the Red Sox as a new member of the New York Mets and among others, only one of the 'Big Three' in Oakland is left. A lot of things in Major League Baseball happened during the season, a lot more changes are happening during this off-season of 2004.

As a Major League Baseball fan, there is excitement as new faces grace new places. Unfortunately, you also lose ties to players you once followed. It isn't really sad, because it is part of the business that revolves around the game. On the other hand, you wonder what happens next and wonder how long you can follow your favorite players, before they might have to move on. You wonder with the game evolving and perhaps your favorites being weeded out, one way or the other, either by changing teams or retirement or even scandal- how much longer will you be able to follow the game?

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