Monday, December 27, 2004

My latest itch is getting a pack of 2004 Bowman Sterling. I like playing around the idea of spending some 'free' holiday money on picking up a pack for about $50.

The caveat is that it is a product featuring young players, many probably not the high profile prospects ones you might prefer. The product doesn't have the pedigreee of a set featuring retired greats for example. I might pull non-desirable types like pitchers who might blow out their arms or catchers that might not get past the minors.

On the other hand, for all that maybe wrong for a $50 pack, my thinking is that instead of picking up a low-end, mid-level box, I'm getting the meat without the filler. I don't have to have my base cards. I just want to feel like I'm buying into a product that is considered high-end(initially). Each pack features two first-year player cards, a memorabilia card, an autographed memorabilia card(clear labels?) and another autograph card.

On the other hand, wouldn't the 'guaranteed pulls' be more common, if that is merely all the product consist of(in a particular box), instead of perhaps those pulls spread into several boxes, with actual base cards? I think there are better options as far as singles go, but who knows what I like? I've moaned about what I can't and can have. Do I make an impetuous decision or do I hold off for something that seems less of gamble to me?

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