Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mail Day
A 2004 Bowman Draft AFLAC redemption set came in the box today. I scanned the box for future reference [and because I was bored]. I'm thinking that I may try and get the cards signed one way or the other, since it is just a regular Bowman AFLAC set.

On the other hand, I may want to keep the set intact. It is my only AFLAC set and I did pay about $6 for the redemption card on Ebay - it isn't worth it for me to mail the cards out willy-nilly.

Note -
I opened up the set and some of the cards [C.J. Henry, Andrew McCutchen] are definitely not mint. There are minor nicks and cuts that is especially noticeable with black bordered cards.

These cards are probably better off getting signed, just to salvage their 'collectibility' factor...

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