Friday, August 25, 2006

Mail Day
About a month ago, I bought a Kendry Morales autographed baseball blind [without an Ebay image] from Mr. Mem on EBay [$15.00 plus $5.00 s/h]. I paid for the item about two weeks ago and it arrived in the mail yesterday [8/24/06].

I figured it would be okay, since it was stated in the title that it came from a Just Minors product. Basically it is a 'low-end,' certified memorabilia item. It was also noted in the auction description that it came with the Just Minors COA and a hologram affixed.

My official line is that it is only worth what I paid for it, though I'm betting on Morales' potential to be a very good Major League player. With his potential, I was looking to get him on a single-signed baseball and I think I paid a reasonable price.

I open up the UPS Priority service box, my item was shipped in and see a nice Just Minors box. A COA was stuffed inside, along with the Morales baseball wrapped in tissue. The only thing I was worried about is whether or not Just Minors would be using a 'cheap, synthetic' baseball, an official minor-league baseball or some other 'junk' baseball.

I checked on the Just Minors website and it said that they'd used official Major League Baseballs for their signings:

All autographed baseballs are official Rawlings Major League Baseballs or:
FG - Indicates Futures Game Baseballs (individually serial-numbered to 120)
W.S. - Indicates World Series Baseball
A.S. - Indicates All Star Game Baseball
N.L. - Indicates National League Baseball

I examine the ball [still wrapped in tissue] just for a little bit and see the Major League Baseball logo. The hologram is there as well and the autograph looks clean, though Morales' autograph looks like chicken scratch.

I also got a 2006 Topps Allen and Ginter Vladimir Guerrero bat card [$3.00 plus $2.00 s/h on Ebay]. I don't want to care for common bat/jersey cards, though the novelty makes it okay sometimes. On the other hand, the bat used could be a Vladimir Guerrero store-model bat, used by Topps' employees at the park, which would defeat the purpose of having a game-used bat card featuring a favorite player.

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