Monday, August 14, 2006

Mail Day
I got a 1965 Topps Clay Carroll rookie card/Phil Niekro [PSA graded 7] in the mail today.

I casually looked the card up in an ancient [circa 1996] Mo Vaughn Beckett magazine [that I have for reference] and I was dismayed that it was actually Niekro's second year card. I was bummed because I was thinking that this card was going to start my 'vintage' rookie card collection.

I think the fact that it isn't Niekro's actual rookie card shows how impulse bidding [on Ebay] bite you in the butt, especially when you don't do simple research such as checking whether or not a player has had a previous card issued - when you are .

It took me about two weeks to send finally payment about a week ago for the card [$26 plus $4 s/h] and while there is buyer's remorse, I think it is a nice looking card that is going to stay in my personal collection.

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