Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Featured Mail Day

A six-count lot of various cards picked up from the same seller on Ebay [$12.14 total plus $3.50 s/h on Ebay] - I was doing a random search on 'Matt Sweeney' of the Angels and found a 2007 Tristar Elegance certified autograph for $1.99. I checked out the seller's Ebay listings and found some more cheap cards: 2005 Prime Patches Hank Blalock jumbo jersey card [$2.29], 2007 Tristar Elegance Matt Antonelli certified autograph [$1.99], 2007 Tristar Elegance Chris Marrero certified autograph [$2.29], 2007 Tristar Elegance Brandon Wood jersey card [$1.99] and 2007 Upper Deck SPX Brian Giles Winning Materials jersey [$1.99].

The autograph/GU are low-end, but for less than a pack of 2007 Tristar Elegance minor league baseball cards - I got three certified autograph cards from the product [Sweeney, Antonelli and Marrero] and one game-used/worn jersey card [Wood]. I also got a couple of other GU cards [Blalock - hoping to get it signed randomly in-person or in the mail] and Giles [he probably got off the juice, but it is a patch card anyway].

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