Thursday, November 01, 2007

Featured Mail Day
2007 Topps Turkey Red Hideki Okajima cabinet box topper [$0.99 plus $4.00 s/h on Ebay] - I placed a bid on this and let it ride through the end, not knowing if I'd win the auction or not. There is something unique about the oversized cards mimicking the regular base cards, especially if they are larger than 5x7s. I've decided to try to collect the particular box toppers I can get signed randomly in-person or through the mail. This was the second one I received in the mail after paying about $7 shipped for a Troy Tulowitzki.

2005 Bowman Sterling Chris Nelson auto/jersey [$2.99 BIN plus $2.50 s/h on Ebay]- I was digging around when I saw this card. I don't really like picking up random cards because I have a bad habit of losing track of them. I put the BIN because I thought it was reasonable enough for a certified autograph/jersey combo card of a player from the suddenly successful Colorado Rockies organization. It isn't a rookie-year card, but it is a certified autograph that will likely pre-date comparable MLBPA rookie logo inserts by a few years.

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