Monday, November 05, 2007

Featured Breaks
Topps Archives break [2004 x2 and 2005 x1 for $10] - I was looking for something to bust and grabbed these randomly because Willie Mays is pictured in the 2004 set and Mike Piece of Schmidt pictured in the 2005 set.

Pack One - 2004
Monte Irvin [1953 Topps design] - Hall of Famer
Buck O'Neil [1962 Topps design] - R.I.P. Buck
Kelly Gruber [1992 Topps design] - I've pulled this particular card before. I remember being able to recite his career year stats of 1990 because they impressed me as a budding baseball fan: .274, 31, 118
Devon White [1993 Topps design] - why did I have to pull this card?
Darrell Evans [1974 Topps design] - looking very hungover in this picture.
Tim Raines [1982 Topps design] - looking very confident in this picture.

I like retro themed sets [whether they feature active or retired players] featuring recycled designs from years past.

Pack Two - 2004
Cesar Geronimo [1976 Topps design] - actually a bit before my time, so I can't common on how much a scrub pull his original Topps card was back in the day.
Jack Morris [1984 Topps design] - 1984 World Series champ
Len Dykstra [1986 Topps design] - some would say he was a true fan favorite.
Duke Snider [1956 Topps design] - nice card of the Dodger legend.
Fay Vincent [1989 Topps design] - he personalized and signed a similar card through the mail.
Tom Brunansky [1987 Topps design] - I don't care about regional issues, maybe a team-issued retro set featuring retired players like Gruber, White, Evans and Brunansky, but the last time their cards from a Topps product should be issued was when they retired as Major League players. You can put those types of players into all sorts of retro, tribute or other such products, just not in this type of product. Cards of these players were considered commons drecks and I think it is redundant to pull cards of these guys again. I don't care if you are using a 'new' file photo you've dug out from the archives, it just isn't right.

Pack three - 2005
Ozzie Smith [1979 Topps design]
Joe Morgan [1975 Topps design]
Joe Pepitone [1964 Topps design]

Steve Carlton [1974 Topps design]

Yogi Berra [1973 Topps Design]

Ernie Banks [1954 Topps Design]

Five of the six players in this pack are Hall of Famers, which is great.

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