Thursday, February 05, 2009

Redemption fulfilled - Woodrow Wilson certified cut autograph card

I was dreaming about something as I slept on the couch - I heard the faint ringing of a doorbell and knock on the door. I ran as fast as I could to the door, so I could sign for the package.

All I cared about was securing what I assumed - was my redemption from Upper Deck in my hands.

It looks like a bubble mailer was mailed from Upper Deck's offices in Carlsbad - I had thought everything they did was in Nevada.

I was hoping to get someone infamous [maybe Richard Nixon] or someone iconic [maybe John F. Kennedy] - I'm not sure if Woodrow Wilson, the 28th United States President can be squarely pidegonholed into either category, but his cut autograph card [serial #'d 05/22]was the one that popped out of the bubble mailer, housed in nothing but a thick-card top loader.

What stuck out in getting this particular certified cut autograph card is during a time when the United States has taken one step forward in having its first African-American President in Barack Obama - Wilson was probably the symbol of 'institutionalized racism' in the United States during the first part of the 20th century. Even today as the United States is more a melting pot, it gets to be a volatile one due to racial issues. Wilson's views and actions may not be at all flattering or qualities to admire his life for, but something part of his legacy as a United States President.

I'll be busting 2009 Topps and 2009 Upper Deck soon enough - nice to see Upper Deck on the ball and sate my collecting impulses by fulfilling my redemption in a short time.

I initially thought I'd be getting a more common cut from this list of baseball players - but then my mouth started watering when I saw this and this. It was a mystery redemption, where all I knew was I was going to receive a certified cut autograph card of a former United States President.

I don't know if the redemption ended up as a 'holy crap' pull that is a collection centerpiece [anyone have a 2009 Topps Vladimir Guerrero super patch card]? - but there is definitely a lot of history behind the cut autograph and hopefully it will be in my personal collection for a long time.


Dave said...

That's really cool. If anything, Wilson was the President during WWI, so he has that going for him in the history books. Nice card!

dayf said...

Freakin' amazing. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

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