Wednesday, June 02, 2010

So long Junior - a comeback scenario already being spun?

With his bat speed severely diminished and his ability to contribute to a floundering Seattle Mariners squad seemingly shot - it was time for Ken Griffey Jr. to 'man up' and retire. 

However, it seems harder for professional superstars in all sports to walk away and don't be surprised if there is a buzz of him attempting a potential comeback - even if everyone is paying their tributes and digesting the fact 'The Kid' may no longer roam the Major Leagues as this once happy-go-lucky superstar that had devolved into a shell of himself as he fought through numerous injuries through the 2000s.  

Perhaps Junior thinks he does have something left - just couldn't get his mojo going, with not being able to play every day and had this recent run of bad luck. 

It wasn't going to end up pretty with Junior in Seattle and at least Griffey Jr. did not leave the responsibility to the Mariners - of officially parting ways with what has been a sporting icon in the Northwest.

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