Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stephen Strasburg - just living the dream

This isn't a recent Stephen Strasburg image, but one I took during the 2009 Arizona Fall League - take a look closer at the nice orderly crowd of adults jockeying to get Strasburg's autograph.

Maybe the most refreshing thing to see Tuesday night in Strasburg's Major League debut was he came out and lived up to the hype for one night
- not in a pump your chest for everybody to see kind of way, but to simply go out and dominate with zero walks allowed and 14 strikeouts in seven innings kind of way.   

What wasn't surprising, but perhaps a little depressing is this whole cottage industry - where everyone wants a piece of Strasburg [his $16,000 baseball card], everyone wants a say [maybe the pundits or experts at various 'online outlets,' Baseball America, ESPN, et al] and/or everyone is looking to sell a piece of him [Major League Baseball, Topps].

He has an entire Major League Baseball career infront of him and perhaps he'll be a superstar realized - but there isn't a novelty factor to this guy because everyone basically predicted what he was going to do from the time he signed his first professional contract.

Now after his first Major League start along the way - all Strasburg has to do is strikeout 14 or more guys the rest of his starts [throw a no-hitter and/or perfect game, strikeout 20 batters] in 2010 as a tease to what he is going to do when he actually matures as a Major League pitcher.

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