Saturday, December 29, 2012

Josh Hamilton Baseball America 1999 Draft Preview issue

One of the last things I'd expect to find while digging around my house was an issue of Baseball America with Josh Hamilton on the cover from 1999 - I skimmed through the inside of the magazine and the main story is about the three prospective players [Hamilton, Josh Beckett or Eric Munson] the Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays were going to take with the No. 1 pick [Hamilton would be their choice].

The magazine was probably a part of a two or three issue 'trial subscription' I signed up for back in the day - as an autograph collector who likes to collect my share of prospect autographs, I wouldn't pick up a BA issue since it's printed on newsprint and I feel like it's a less durable item to be autographed.

The magazine is oversized, so it's a hassle to carry around in a bag - the magazine feels flimsy for autographing and it seems like it's going to get worn down faster compared to an 8x10 photo or a magazine.

With Hamilton being an Angel - I'll probably make an exception and see if I could get it signed some time in 2013.

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unclemoe said...

I've carried around a BA or two in my time. I hate oversized stuff.