Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 trading card collecting goals

At the end of the year - I want to feel like I was able to own some of these goals.

1.) Reboot my Angels collection

A.) I'd like to put together a list of Top 30 PC cards in my Angels collection - by the end of the year, I want a collection of cards to showcase.

B.) I'd like to pick up a regional PC card per month - of course, I want something modern, blinged out and featuring Mike Trout, Albert Pujols or Josh Hamilton, but I'm also not looking to bust a budget.

C.) Account for an A-Z singles collection [inserts and other cards] of Angels by player - list in a database and have a physical place to store the cards in.

D.) Account for an insert collection of Angels - basically list cards in a database and be able to put away in binders.

E.) Account for loose Angels cards - whether they go into binder star boxes / A-Z archives / A-Z archives of Angels players whose autographs I still need / team box; team binders.

2.) Personal collection cards - I've got to focus inward sort of the 'upkeep' in making sure things are relevant.

A.) Maybe find a better physical place to store my various PC collections.

B.) Continue to add to my various PC collections - of course, I want something modern, blinged out, but also I'm not looking to bust a budget.
My Top 30 PC cards should feature my most prominent 'value' cards – I want to say this collection will be the easiest to sell off even though the values may fluctuate over time.

My Top 30 alternate PC cards – maybe a collection of cards that maybe an extension of my Top 30 PC.

My Top 50 common PC cards – is a collection consisting more of 'rank and file' keepers with some 'gems' I may have not ranked among the first two collections listed.

Top 50 fun PC – maybe the idea of a 'fun' PC becomes a little absurd when the state of my 'serious' PC collections are just a little thin all around.

3.) Pick up six PC cards for 2013

A.) Supposed players of interest:

1.) Tim Salmon
2.) Vladimir Guerrero
3.) Jim Edmonds
4.) Cal Ripken Jr.
5.) Albert Pujols
6.) Ken Griffey Jr.
7.) Alex Rodriguez
8.) Derek Jeter
9.) Kobe Bryant - still want a certified autograph
10.) Torii Hunter

Rotating interests - these are the 'other' players I'll be looking for first besides my Top 10.

Mike Trout
Ryan Zimmerman
Jered Weaver

B.) Supposed rookie cards of interest:

1.) 1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski PSA graded RC
2.) 1960 Topps Willie McCovey PSA graded RC
3.) 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan PSA graded RC
4.) 1967 Topps Rod Carew PSA graded RC
5.) 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson PSA graded RC
6.) 1975 Topps George Brett PSA graded RC
7.) 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson PSA graded RC
8.) 1982 Topps Traded Cal Ripken Jr. PSA graded
9.) 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn PSA graded RC
10.) 1984 Topps John Elway PSA graded RC
11.) 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. PSA graded RC
12.) 1985 Donruss/Fleer Roger Clemens PSA graded RC
13.) 1994 Fleer Alex Rodriguez PSA graded RC
14.) 1957 Topps Frank Robinson RC

4.) Reboot my A-Z singles collection

A.) Comb through the boxes to see if there is anything there and what I can weed out - such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that are 'dated.'

B.) I want to store various singles in top loaders in a box, list in a database and file away - organized mostly by player in 'ABC' order and then by card type i.e. basic rookie cards, parallels and certified autograph cards.

* Any card I picked up as a single and paid over $10 for
* Any certified autograph cards
* Rookie cards and rookie year parallels - I want to put together a 'default collection' but find the MLBPA Rookie Logo cards to be junky, so I don't know if I really count most as good enough to be 'A-Z singles' worthy cards.
* Any notable parallels / inserts - numbered, autographed, game-used material / patch cards
* Notable oddballs like promos, minor league cards, et al

C.) I'd like to be able to pick up 20-25 assorted singles - such as rookie cards, certified autograph cards and other inserts that maybe interesting. Are there any certified autographs I need as far as an impulse pick up?

D.) Pick up 15-20 first-year autograph cards - it doesn't seem realistic to go after prospect cards that are already signed when I'm eventually going to go for the players in-person.

5.) Projects - look for other neglected things to pick up after when I may not just care at times.

A.) Finish my Topps team runs and my Topps sampler runs up to 2013 - I'd like to get these out of the way sooner than never. MAKE A 'PROPER' CHECKLIST!

B.) Transactions set - make one for 2013 in-season and 2013-2014 offseason.

C.) Underrated Idols / Superstar Talents / Through the Fire mini sets

D.) Collecting topics cards - add about 500 different ones with 250 either old-school [pre-1980] and/or vintage [pre-1973] cards.

E.) Organize my graded cards - it's harder to weed out any cards that are 'dated,' when the cards make up a chunk of my graded colllection...make note of any PC type cards but I don't want to physically separate any slabs. LIST IN A DATABASE AND PUT AWAY.

6.) Hoarding cards through various ways - I'd like to have an idea that I can go through enough cards in a particular year, so I can find common cards autographed, find common cards for various projects and also be able to have some pulls to talk about.

A.) Pick up six to 10 assorted hand collated sets instead of a blaster or hobby box if I want the product's cards to be autographed - 2012 Panini USA, 2012 Donruss EEE, 2013 Bowman Prospects, 2013 Bowman Chrome, 2013 Bowman Draft, et al.

B.) Busting blasters or retail seems inevitable when product first comes out - but then I feel like I don't want to pay $20 for a retail blaster with relatively few cards or $60-$70 for a hobby box, just to basically get cards a guy spending $15-$20 would be able to get.

If I end up busting a blaster or hobby box - I definitely will wait to get a HC set first, then make a decision whether or not a blaster or hobby box is worth picking up.

C.) I'd like to bust five to 10 'guilt free' hobby boxes - try not to buy into hype when boxes first come out but be ready to pick up boxes for random hits.

D.) Pick up eight to 10 minor league sets - I'm not going crazy over them, but I find cards of players of note and then hope to use any leftovers as card depth.

E.) Build up a pack surplus to bust at different times of the year - as an in-person autograph collector, I can't hold onto an unopened pack when there might be a card inside I can try and get autographed.

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