Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Card packaging clutter

I wonder what is the best, most creative way to deal with card packaging once something has been busted and cards have been sorted appropriately - when I collected 15-20 years ago, I saved a ton of packs just to have them around as a keepsake of certain packs I ended up having a chance to bust.

While most trading card packaging will not have the nostalgia / value factor of boxes from cards printed in the 1970's or before - I'm sort of loathe just to throw empty boxes from recent years because part of the reason I gravitate towards baseball cards at my Target or Walmart is because of the packaging.

It's a small consideration besides wanting the cards themselves, but would I want to pick something up that looks like something generic [?] - but after I go through whatever my card pulls will be, where does that empty blaster or hanger box go, particularly if they are intact and feature some nice graphics and maybe a star player? I find I have no use for the packaging but need some way to hang on to them for whatever reason.

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