Sunday, March 17, 2013

Featured autograph - Mike Cisco

I got Cisco's autograph once or twice when he played in the 2009 Arizona Fall League - when I sort through my unsigned Philadelphia Phillies cards to prep for possible in-person autograph opportunites, I kind of wonder what happened to Cisco when I get him confused with Michael Schwimer and Michael Stutes.

While Schwimer and Stutes reached the major leagues with the Phillies, it looks like the Angels got the 26-year old Cisco for free - Cisco looks like he has found some success in the minors as a reliever, though one thing I've learned from listening to a prospect podcast or two is minor league relievers tend to wash out if they don't have anything close to resembling closer type stuff.

If Cisco gets to the major leagues at some point with the Angels - maybe I can add this signed card to my all-time Halo autograph collection.

Maybe Cisco turns into something useful - hopefully known more than just a guy the Angels got for nothing.

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The Angels In Order said...

I spent about 20 minutes digging through my cards looking for Andy Cisco before I realized I had the wrong guy.