Monday, April 08, 2013

Featured autograph - Tim Wallach

It's ironic I maybe posting this since he just did a card shop signing and I didn't actually get this autograph at that appearance - back in my first incarnation as an autograph collector at Anaheim / Angel Stadium, I ended up trading for a handful of loose 1996 Angels Mother's Cookies cards [maybe one or two signed already, but an incomplete set].

After all these years, like this Angels in Order post about a Mark Trumbo card - I really just want to complain about how the Angels uniform blends into the background of the card.

Unfortunately, all the cards in 1996 Angels Mother's Cookies set look like the Wallach - I want to say the cards look kind of cheap to begin with but it seems like the Angels were the only Mother's Cookies team set photographed in a studio setting and not outdoors.

It's kind of hard to see the autograph but I got the card signed a couple of weeks ago - just to get it out of my little stash of cards I have for the current Los Angeles Dodgers third base coach and put it away.

I did the same for a Mark Langston card I got signed last year or the year before - I don't intend to get any more signed.

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Anonymous said...

I also have a little stash of cards of the Dodger 3rd base coach.