Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Torii Hunter aging like fine wine

The former Angel ballhawk just got his 2,000th hit with the Detroit Tigers - call me crazy but he might outperform the guy who replaced him in Anaheim for much less cost and years.

As I see it, Hunter has to only play as good as Josh Hamilton does when it matters - which is the next two years, when the Angels and Tigers are looking to contend for the playoffs while depending on Hamilton and Hunter respectively as a cog.

It might not be fair to Hamilton and it might be early - but Hunter actually has a better chance to fulfill his two-year deal just because the guy is always ready to play and doesn't embarass himself on the field.

After the next two years, comparing the two won't matter as Hunter will likely be retired and the mercurial Hamilton will likely slide into a decline phase as most older players do - perhaps accelerated by the abuse his body suffered in his 20's.

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