Sunday, April 13, 2014

Featured autographs - Mark Prior

I was at a minor league game in Lake Elsinore California and after I woke up from my slumber during the game [it was a long afternoon getting to Lake Elsinore from Orange County] - I wandered around the concourse and took a peek down to where the scouts and maybe pitchers who chart during the game sit in the stands.

I saw the back of a guy who I assumed to be Prior and dug out my cards and put them on a page - in-between innings, I got the former phenom and Cubs ace to sign.


Hackenbush said...

Very nice. Ah, what might have been! Is it fair to blame Dusty?

Laurens said...

I'm not a Cubs fan, but it is hard to say whether Baker ruined Prior [and Kerry Wood]; maybe they were overworked, but other circumstances contributed to their downfall.

The Angels In Order said...

Dude do you like carry a 5000 count box with you when you go so you can whip out multiples of any player?
Jes kiddin. I know how it your research ahead of time.