Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mark Trumbo

The Angels fanbase loved him, though only times I really enjoyed his talent was when he would hit dingers - for whatever reasons, he was never a personal favorite and I was glad that he has since moved on.

I used to wonder what it was like to be a home grown talent and play for the MLB team 10-15 minutes away from where you grew up - I don't know if Trumbo was entirely comfortable with being that guy and it seemed like it was more of a burden.

I'm curious to see if Trumbo gets better and bounces back from a stress fracture in his foot - though he isn't the Angels problem anymore and general manager Jerry DiPoto may have made a shrewd move when he traded Trumbo in the offseason for couple of lefty starters [Tyler Skaggs/Hector Santiago] who look pretty decent so far.

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Jeff said...

Whether it ultimately works out for the Angels or not, it was the right move when they made it. Trumbo was rather redundant on the roster and the Angels needed pitching in a bad way.