Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Angels, In Order odds and ends

No matter how big or small, it's fun getting a random group of cards in the mail from a fellow collector - especially when the cards are focused towards my mini-collections.

These were sort of, kind of new
1992 Upper Deck Billy Ripken #250
1992 Upper Deck Howard Johnson #256
1992 Upper Deck Ryan Bowen #354

1992 Upper Deck Mark Gubicza #459 - he has been the color guy for Angels TV broadcasts and I'm pretty sure this is the card partner Victor Rojas has made fun of him over, for the hockey hair / Jaromir Jagr mullet.
1992 Upper Deck Tom Gordon #476

1992 Upper Deck Roger McDowell #484
1992 Upper Deck Paul Gibson #489
1992 Upper Deck Marvin Freeman #491 - double check to see if I have this one.
1992 Upper Deck Matt Young #505
1992 Upper Deck Kevin Gross #515 - pitchers hitting on the reverse
1992 Upper Deck Anthony Young #535
1992 Upper Deck Chris Bosio #615 - I thought I had this card somewhere.
1992 Upper Deck Bill Swift #620
1993 Topps Tim Costo #577

1993 Topps Al Martin #623
1994 Topps Doc Gooden #150

1994 Topps Devon White #511 - I like how he presumably going through his fan mail, though I wonder if he ever answered any of them.
1996 Topps Doug Drabek #105 

Had these already
1979 Topps Luis Tiant #575
1992 Upper Deck Ben McDonald #163

1992 Upper Deck Melido Perez #190 - go figured, I just picked this card up from my LCS; I love how some kid [check the wallet] has a dollar 'thrown out' for Perez to sign.
1992 Upper Deck Darren Lewis #565
1992 Upper Deck Mike Remlinger #585 
1992 Upper Deck Mike Hartley #613
1996 Topps Alex Fernandez #194

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The Angels In Order said...

I was hoping there was something you could use in there. It was pretty fun pulling "themed" cards as I was sorting.