Sunday, June 14, 2020

1998 Topps Focal Point Vladimir Guerrero #FP14

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen these inserts before, but an eBay listing for a Ken Griffey Jr. caught my eye - I found a Guerrero that cost about $2, which works for me since Vladdy is apparently a favorite of card bloggers and is certainly one of ‘my guys’ too.

I realize this isn't any sort of rare late 1990s insert, but I’m focused more about the aesthetics - compared to simply being a UV coated glossy card, the surface might have a matte, textured finish that I anticipate being able to feel in time, hopefully sooner than never.

Maybe the cards don’t have that late 1990s insert ‘pop’ to them but to Topps' credit, they look pretty classy - while the typical Topps insert tended to be a little more juvenile, like they were designed to grab the attention of younger collectors [go figure], these cards look a little more understated.

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