Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Awesome mail day - I can't win them all

I picked up a 1969 Topps Tom Murphy card for a TTM request and pictured is what I received - admittedly, I don't know what the seller could have done shipping a $2 card, but for the times a plain white envelope has been used safely, there is always a chance that something like this will happen.
Maybe I can try to flatten the card and send out as intended - but besides trashing everything outright, I don't want to look at this junk any more than I have to.

As is, the card and the envelope may end up as a conversation piece - a cautionary tale in my collection for years to come.


The Angels In Order said...

Yep, that stinks indeed. Salvage the card though.

bbcardz said...

I so love that 1969 set and I'm only four cards away from completing it. That picture hurts.

Fuji said...

Bummer. Sorry to see this. But like you said... it's definitely a conversation piece.