Sunday, August 22, 2021

Card show pickups - the odds and ends

Through the dog days, I don't really know if my 'card show summer' is coming to an end, where in reality it will just roll over into 'card show fall' and so forth - but maybe I need some time to recap and organize all the cards I've picked up over the past couple of months, where I need a little bit of time I can justify being able to rummage for more random cards.

I'm trying to break down a 125 card purchase to make multiple posts in a more managable way - where I don't get overwhelmed about trying to cram everything into one post that will come and go.

My 'oddball mall' material pick ups were made to see if I can get into these types of cards - maybe I can consider them cutesy or unique pick ups on the down low like the Jimmy Dean's Ken Griffey Jr., but there is something missing with the cards with no logos.

These cards [there's only five of them], were mostly from the junk wax, so it's not like these are hard to find test issues or something of that ilk -the Don Larsen is actually from a 45-year old card set, but I have a tendency to disassociate any retro cards not issued during a player's career as something lesser, regardless of age.

The Pete Rose is from 1986 Leaf set - cards from reprinted Canadian versions of Donruss or Topps [O-Pee-Chee] can be considered oddballs, right?

The Kirby Puckett and Ryne Sandberg was from a boxed set - which may have been selling for $2 at the neighboring table where the card shop's [the host of the card show] bargain material was displayed.

These are my shiny card hauls and while the players are not necessarily outright favorites [maybe except Ichiro] - the cards maybe squirreled away in various loose card projects just because they 'pop.'
As much as possible, I'm never going to catch myself picking up any Panini Donruss cards [unopened packs or boxes] - but I'll pick up any loose parallels, where any Pink Fireworks parallel cards [they might not be apparent but like the Eugenio Suarez and Gerrit Cole shown] are simply keepers.
These are prospect / rookie material - for a moment I thought the Nate Lowe rookie was of Brandon Lowe, so I grabbed it.

The others have had Bowman cards before, so these aren't they first-year 'paper' cards and/or parallels - but Alek Manoah looks to be a probable decade stars / binder guy once I have enough cards of the big league pitching rookie, while the Grayson Rodriguez and Josh Jung are still working their way up the minor league ladder.

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