Thursday, March 23, 2023

A new loose card project for myself?

I have my mini-collections and then there might be other off-shoot card projects - that randomly sprout up from random ideas and inspiration from other collectors to nerd out over scattered cards.

This is a small sample size from what I found off a card show rummage - I have an idea about the theme I'm going for, but does anyone else see it?

There are just way too many cards printed to ever catch myself trying to track down all as priorities - like it’s some great achievement to build up this particular loose card project.

I do not want to know all the cards that are out there - where it becomes overwhelming to have to make a mushrooming wantlist of cards I’m looking for.

I’m never catching myself putting specific cards on a list - but this doesn’t mean I won’t save screenshots of cards I see and/or possibly make a micro-mini 15-20 card cheat sheet.

Out in the wild, I do not want to make random cards I wouldn’t have otherwise considered instant keepers - though when possible, I probably give myself license to do just that.

A more realistic thing to actively look for is to put together a page of nine cards for more prominent players - it might be fun where there is some purpose to the project rather than a mix-mix collection of randomness with an apparent theme, but still otherwise aimless.

I don't really want to create more loose piles of cards and disrupt the general disorder of things already scattered - by trying to excavate my A-Z archives for cards where I want to pace myself and try not to over collect too fast.

Though they may not be 'harder to find' I think I have chosen a particular subset of players for this project rather than the other, more common subset of players to appear on such cards - where it maybe a little more of a challenge to keep my eyes peeled for any cards I conscript into the collection.


Bo said...

I've started using TCDB for fun photos that I might not otherwise be able to keep track of. I've been using blogs like yours for cards I might have missed, like the Kaiser and Chapin you posted recently.

Derek said...

I see dugouts from different ballparks in the background?

Laurens said...

It's definitely ballpark themed.

Jon said...

I don't see the connection.

Laurens said...

The cards picture visiting players from one specific ballpark.

Jimmy said...

All cards featuring Angels Stadium in the background.

Laurens said...

Ding, ding, ding - we have a winner.