Thursday, March 30, 2023

Card show pickup - Miguel Tejada

No one is looking for a Miguel Tejada card in 2023, but I found this in a dollar box and after being one of the 'last cuts' in a previous card show trip - found it again and decided to take it home with me.

He ends up being more of a forgotten player in my decade stars roster, but I think he is still on there - where if I find a nice, high brow shiny card like this one for cheap, I'll have to make it a keeper.

Looking it up, there might be 100 copies of this die-cut card from the 1998 Leaf set - but the actual cards are not serial #'d.


The Angels In Order said...

If you find it the second time, it's meant to be.

Fuji said...

Nice find. Tejada was a stud in Oakland... but like all of their stars that they don't trade away... they let him walk.