Sunday, February 18, 2024

Credit where credit is due - Hideo Nomo

I am thinking what little blurb I could whip up for this pick up and how did I even come up to thinking about looking for such a card - maybe it was about 'out odding the odd,' where I want to see if I can top what I might have seen posted on a blog or social media.

The truth is that I saw this card on someone else's post on Twitter / X and went on eBay to see if there was a copy I could snag - there are screenshots on my camera roll of the collector's post on Twitter, where he received this a copy card as part of a mail day, so there you go I guess.

I associate Nomo's big league career with the Los Angeles Dodgers through the late 1990s and the Boston Red Sox and then back to the Dodgers through the early 2000s, before he really was kind of done - there are parts of Nomo's pro career in America, where he was lost in the wilderness.

From looking at his Baseball Reference register, this card was apparently from when Nomo pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers AAA team back in 1999 - it's real odd seeing Nomo immortalized in a stint for a minor league team.

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Fuji said...

Very cool card. I was just sorting my Nomos, so I knew he played for the Red Sox... as well as the Mets, Tigers and Brewers. I actually think there was one more team that surprised me but I can't think of them. Anyways... didn't know he had any minor league cards. I'll need to see if I can add one to my PC.