Saturday, February 10, 2024

Random card buys - Ivan Rodriguez

I claimed these Pudge Rodriguez cards from an online seller for $0.50 each because they tease some play at the plate action - these cards might end up as star power for my tools of ignorance collection or possibly highlights on a binder page I may make for the HOF catcher.

As is, only when I gave these cards a second look, did I realize the images might be taken from the same play - where a baserunner slides into home plate in the 2000 Fleer Ultra card, while Rodriguez gestures to the umpire he made the tag on the 2000 Topps Stadium Club card.

I really want to know who the Oakland baserunner is on the card - presuming the image used was from the year before the cards were made, my best guess would be Tony Phillips, who came back to play for the A's in his final MLB season in 1999.

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Brett Alan said...

Yeah, it looks like it could be Phillips to me. Tim Raines was on the A's that year, too, but I don't remember him ever having facial hair like that.