Tuesday, March 26, 2024

My all-time Top 100 cheap azz keepers collection - 27-19

27. 2021 Topps X Sports Illustrated Mike Trout #1 - I figured to get a cool looking Trout SI cover card in at No. 27 as a tribute to his greatness.

I originally wanted to tease at least two or three Angels cards in my Top 100, though after thinking about it - what I want to do is have a Top 100 of only Angels players' cards as a regionally focused all-time Top 100 cheap azz collection.

26. 1992 Bowman Chipper Jones #28 - because of the mainstream choices, this was a $25-$30 card at Chipper's peak MVP year in 1999 and I bought one for that price, thinking I had a key card that was forever going to be worth something.

Looking back, I didn't get the motivation for Topps to show all these minor leaguers [and maybe not just recent draft picks around the time the set was released] out of uniform - to make a high school yearbook inspired baseball card set.

I kind of like the Jones because the portables or storage containers in the background - reminds me of my formative years from elementary through high school, where I had my share of classes in portables.

25. 1989 Upper Deck High Jim Abbott #755 - I might have another copy of this card I can sneak into strictly an Angels all-time Top 100 cheap azz keepers collection.

24. 1996 Score Select Ken Griffey Jr. #6 - I thought this would be a good card to replace the 1995 Pinnacle Ken Griffey Jr. #128 I originally wanted for this spot.

23. 1992-93 Topps Archives Michael Jordan #52 - I didn't know I needed this card until I regretted skipping past it during a card show rummage last year.

I ended up snagging a copy on COMC, then got another chance to pick up one during another card show rummage - where the temptation to play pretend that I actually have a Topps branded faux Jordan rookie from 1984 was just too much.

22. 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson #482 - I remember the early 1990s hype around this iconic rookie card, so it was a no brainer to add the off-condition copy I purchased a couple of years ago to my Top 100 collection.

21. 1994 Topps Archives Roberto Clemente #251 - though regular sized, this becomes a what if 1954 Topps card, picturing Clemente as a Brooklyn Dodgers minor leaguer stashed away with the Montreal Royals.

20. 1977 Topps Mark Fydrich #265 - I don't have that lingering nostalgia for Fydrich, but he was a unique, one year wonder who was quirky and different.

19. 2019 Topps Series 2 Frank Robinson #529 - is the seemingly no-nonsense Robinson presiding over the clubhouse here as Kangaroo Court judge?


Fuji said...

I remember that 92B Chipper being popular... but didn't realize it peaked at $25 to $30.

Jon said...

Seems like that Rickey is probably the most expensive card in here so far.