Saturday, March 16, 2024

My all-time Top 100 cheap azz keepers collection - 54-46

54. 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Ozzie Smith #19 - I like cards that depict the unique, timeless moments, like the all time great shortstop doing a backflip.

53. 1987 Classic Update Yellow Travel Edition Joe Niekro #120 - I like this card because it's rare a player is shown caught up in an incriminating moment on the field.

I looked up a clip of this incident where Niekro ends up being thrown out of the game for scuffing balls - this actually happened in against the Angels, but this card is firmly entrenched as a Top 100 card and not a card for my stadium collection.

52. 2010 Topps Turkey Red Yogi Berra #TR83 - it almost looks like Berra is balancing his catcher's mask on his forehead just like this blog says, but taking a closer look, maybe he is just flipping his mask off.

Maybe the distinction doesn't matter where I turn a random $0.50 find of an all-time great - into something part of my Top 100 collection.

51. 1992 Topps Stadium Club Ruben Sierra #387 - looking like he's the man, presumably in a photo op back in Puerto Rico.

50. 2001 Fleer Ultra Jason Giambi #21 - there might be a couple of other 'fun' Giambi cards [2000 Topps Gallery #99 and 2002 Fleer Ultra Baseball #188] I really want, but this one stands out for the wild hair.

49. 2020 Topps Update Sean Murphy #U-216 - pie in the face cards are fun.

48. 1989 Upper Deck Gary Pettis #117 - the card within a card illusion elevated this common into something odd.

47. 1976 Topps Kurt Bevacqua #564 - a true trading card relic of the 1970s.

46. 1972 Topps Billy Martin #147 - the infamous giving the bird card.


Fuji said...

That UD Masterpieces card of Ozzie is sweet!

Jon said...

There are a couple of cards on this page that everyone should own. My personal favorite is the Billy Martin.