Monday, May 20, 2024

Card show buys - miscellaneous stuff

I thumbed through some cards arranged in a binder at a seller's table and found this Logan O' Hoppe rookie card in the $2 or '6 for $10' portion - while I might be a fan of a last place Angels team that lost Shohei Ohtani, I'm always looking for cards of 'future guys' to latch onto as the next team stars.
O'Hoppe has the potential to be a frontline catcher, which means he can be both hit and can handle a pitching staff - if he can develop as intended, he could be a franchise player for years to come.
Making the O'Hoppe rookie a keeper, I decided to see if I can fish out some other cards to amuse me - I picked up some old school / vintage odds and ends that end up being at least 45-years old.
I am not a fan of manager cards but I like the backs of the 1969 Topps manager cards - they give a larger than life feel when the fronts of the cards are pretty sleepy.


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Sweet Alston. Love the backs of the 1969 Topps manager cards with those caricatures.