Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2005 Award Winners

Most Valuable Player

Alex Rodriguez (American League) - I think when you play for the New York Yankees, individual achievements mean nothing when you don't win a championship. Still ARod's anemic playoff stats don't matter. Love him or hate him for his contract, playing in New York or the slap, ARod was pretty darn good in 2005.

Albert Pujols (National League) - I would have liked to see Andruw Jones win, just so that the certified autograph I bought before the 2005 season started would mean something towards my award winners collection. I think Pujols was another sentimental [and probably deserving] favorite among the baseball writers voting after putting up such dominant numbers over the last five years and having nothing to show for his efforts. Derrek Lee was awesome, but his Chicago Cubs stunk it up in 2005.

Cy Young
Bartolo Colon (American League) - Even though he pulled up lame in the American League Division series for the Los Angeles Angeles, he was a horse all season long.

Chris Carpenter (National League) - I think the St.Louis Cardinals' ace was the sentimental favorite among the baseball writers voting after the injuries he suffered [and worked to come back from] before putting together some pretty numbers for the Cardinals over the last two seasons.

Rookie of the Year
Huston Street (American League) - Oakland Athletics' star rookie established himself as one of the league's top young relievers in his first season in 2005.

Ryan Howard (National League) - Suddenly I think it is going to be hard for the Philadelphia Phillies to justify trading Howard with him taking home the Rookie of the Year award. He may have more trade value, but there is a little more buzz to his name now. He isn't some other good, young player that maybe expendable. What happens between him and Jim Thome in 2006?

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